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3 Steps to Getting Close to God at FBC SF

Step 1: Join us

Seriously. Step out. Have courage. Come to a service at FBC SF, or join us overZoom.

Step 2: Become Involved

Take in a Bible Study. Meet with others. Delve into God's Word. Ask God to direct your life (see Four Steps Below). Ask God to teach you to pray, read His Word, and to become part of His Church family.

Step 3: Experience God

As your get closer to God you will experience Him in real, wonderful ways. Your life will become full and content.  You will still have struggles, but now you will have Jesus with you at all times.  You will never be alone again.

Why FBC SF Exists?

We want you (everyone) to know and fully experience the love of Jesus Christ in your life.  You do matter to God. And Jesus is the "Way, The Truth, and The Life." (John 14:6)


Our Vision is "To impact hearts and lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Church in the Community and  Beyond."


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Feeling lost? Lonely? Do you need to know the peace of God in your life? Are in wondering how to give your life to Jesus to be living life in it's fullest right now, and to be secured for all eternity?

The Four Spiritual Laws

This small booklet has been around for decades and has lead many from being lost to being held in the loving arms of Jesus. Simply click on the picture to the left, and read it (out loud is best), and then sincerely ask the questions. Do you need help?  Email firstbaptistsf@gmail.com or call 613-283-1579 today.

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